We are open year-round to provide professional tax preparation, financial statement creation, consultation, and support services for your individual or business needs.

Our services include:

  • Tax Returns
    • Tax return preparation for businesses and individuals
    • Extensions, amended returns, and prior year unfiled tax returns
    • We can electronically file most tax returns from our office at no extra charge, helping you receive refunds quicker than paper filing
    • Tax returns for American citizens living abroad
  • Tax Cases
    • If the IRS is taking you to court, let us support you to give you a fair chance
    • We reconstruct your records using independent sources available and using industry statistics when needed
    • We work hard for you to reduce your tax liability to the lowest reasonable amount within the tax laws, which in turn reduces your penalties and interest
  • Tax Audit Support
    • We will have the documentation needed to backup your tax return if you are audited
    • We keep a copy of the records and source documents which go into your tax return in case you lose or misplace yours
  • Financial Statements
    • Audits
    • Reviews
    • Compilations
    • Preparations
  • Accounting services for businesses
    • Bookkeeping
    • Accounts Payable processing
    • Quickbooks, Sage, DacEasy training or consultation
  • Other services
    • Bill Paying for small business and private individuals
    • Consultation on running or creating your small business
    • Conversion of paper records to computer files
    • Consultation on entity choices